Added Fjordur type for ARK

Avatar Metrakit - 06/11/2022 at 22h51

Tomorrow (06/12/2022) the new Fjordur expansion of the excellent game ARK Survival Evolved will be released

To commemorate this, we've added Fjordur type to our ARK server ranking, so players can find a server based on a new map, or to make it easier for server admins to advertise their servers when they're on that map.

Fjordur is an official free expansion added to the Norse style ARK Survival Evolved game! It therefore adds a new map with 4 islands to the game:

This expansion will also include multiple kingdoms:

Count on around 20 GB on your PC to receive this new update which therefore offers unique content without paying the slightest extra penny!

Here you can easily find a server in our ranking dedicated to this expansion: List of ARK Fjordur servers

We are therefore giving you an appointment tomorrow evening to test this new card.