Frequently Asked Questions

General presentation

# What's a game servers ranking?

A game servers ranking is a site allowing to rank the best game servers. Our Top Servers rank servers by popularity thanks to players.

# How it works?

The servers are ranked by default by the number of monthly votes. Votes are made by the players of the game in question.

# Why come on a servers ranking?

The best place to find a good game server, or to add a server, is on a Top Servers because we rank the best game servers there through innovative popularity systems.

# How to create an account?

Create an account is pretty fast. You can create an account via our sign up form or by using social network like Facebook, Google, Discord, Steam or X.

# Is my account valid on all Top servers?

Yes, only one account is necessary to be able to connect to all the Top Servers and to add servers. No need to create several!

Find a server

# How to find a server?

For find a server, all you have to do is go to the Tops Servers listing page and select the game that suits you. Then you will be redirected to the Top Server in question where the best game servers will be ranked in relation to the game you have chosen.

# How is ranked a server?

A server is ranked by default by the number of monthly votes it has received. You can, if you wish, change the ranking order by the number of total votes, monthly, weekly or daily or by clicks or shares on social networks.

# What is the best criterion for finding a server?

The best criterion for finding a popular server is by its number of votes!

Add a server

# How to add a server?

Adding a server is simple and takes less than 5 minutes. You must first register on the Top Servers which is appropriate according to the game to which your server belongs (eg. on the Top Minecraft Servers) then fill in the form for adding a server.

# Can I get help from the team?

Yes, yes and yes! We are there for that, for help you growing up your server in popularity. If you need any help don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected] or via our contact form.

# Can I add multiple servers?

Yes, but it depends on the ranking on which you want to add your servers. Some rankings have a limited number of server additions per account.

Vote system

# How we vote?

To vote, simply click on the "Vote" button on a server page.

# How long do I have to wait?

Between each vote, you must wait X hours depending on the Top servers you are on (in general, and if this is not indicated, the time between each vote is 2 hours).

# Why a vote system?

Because it is the best system to rank servers based on their popularity. We have had this system in place since 2012 and it is well established.

Technical issues

# I have an anti-proxy message appearing. Why?

This message appears because you tried to vote behind a non-private network.

# Where can i report a bug?

You have found a bug? Bravo! You can help us by sending us the details of this bug (and if possible with a screenshot) by contacting us by email at [email protected] or via our contact form.