Added No One Survived game

Avatar Metrakit - 05/27/2023 at 22h20

A new video game studio independent from China has just launched a new survival video game: No One Survived! And we present it to you exclusively below: 

The game has great potential, the studio Cat Play do not disappoint for his very first game by offering us a Survival and Sandbox game which plunges the player into a huge open world. We can see that it is inspired by other games of the same kind, by offering a very complete and quality content. The developers of the game offer us:

You can get this game now in early access to Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1963370/No_One_Survived/ for a ridiculous price of 16.49€. Good to know: it is Steam Deck compatible.

You can play No One Survived either solo or multiplayer on servers. To find a server or add yours, you can now visit our list of No One Survived servershttps://top-games.net/no-one-survived

Here are various useful links about the game:

As well as the video of presentation of the game:

Good game everyone and good votes !